Friday, November 25, 2005

Camden NJ On TV tonight!

If anyone cares to take a gander at the human pile of feces that is Camden NJ, there's a feature on it tonight on that new Geraldo show on Fox, Geraldo At Large. It is a horrific place,(though there was an attempt to create a waterfront of upscale condos and stuff), and should be laid to waste as soon as possible. See for yourself!


William said...

Hey JD,

It's my first time reading your blog and just want to say thanks for the listing on your blogroll. I read through the last few of entries and can't help but hear a younger me in your voice (text). I just want to say a few words of encouragement; the making of a film is an incredible undertaking and I commend your efforts and enthusiasm. Your blind dedication will get you through it, I can say that from experience but having a support system doesn't hurt either. The nihilism that is in your work and your life will be the fuel. I think you on some level relate to The Wild Bunch and the characters in it because they feel like you, going for broke with nothing to lose. Hope I'm right here with this assessment, I'm just getting that from reading your entries. Just stay focused and on track. If you are about make a film you should be doing everything to prepare for making that film. You have a window of opportunity called a shooting schedule to make all that magic on your pages become what you want to represent you out there in the real world, you can't live in a vacuum. Focus. Check out this entry on this savage art... for a little guidance too.

Good luck!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I live in Collingswood NJ. I can spit on Camden from here (I often do). I grew up in Pennsauken (or P-Town) and lived near Camden's shadow. The place should be walled up (like Escape from NY) and destroyed. Sure they have their waterfront, but getting there is a risk. Plus all of their neighborhoods and side streets are still insanely dangerous and scum-covered.