Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Like This Should Surprise Me, But...

Black Christmas and Day of the Dead are both set for remakes. Fantastic news from the land of idiots.

There is no end to this. People always argue with me, saying that this has always been how Hollywood operates. But I'm telling anyone who will listen, this is unprecedented. There are literally dozens of remakes in the pipeline for the next year or two. It's so disheartening being a writer/director these days. Sometimes I wonder if I should just throw in the towel.

Frustration level is very f'n high. Especially since I haven't embarked on a new script in two months. Time to let my anger flow, ladies and gents.

Jump for joy, little ones! The Hills Have Eyes....remade!!!! Good Lord, it justs gets worse and worse.


John Donald Carlucci said...

I really think you're right CW. They are even remaking The Man Who Fell To Earth. I heard that they were remaking Night of the Coment also.


Grubber said...

Could it be like Reality TV, it is "the thing" at present. Then some studio, maybe someone like Lions Gate who has taken a chance(not a big one for what it cost them, but still a chance) on movies like Saw, gets huge returns, and the other studio heads will go "duh", slap their foreheads and go "of course, original screensplays, why didn't I think of that, actually I did think of that, I'm a genius, time to give myself a raise."

Then they go on a spec buying spree unprecendented in history.

Then all the blogs will fall silent as we write furiously as we try and catch this boom.;-)

I mean, as with everything (except sex and booze) humans will get sick of remakes.

Tim Clague said...

As you know - I've been feeling the same. My approach is different though. I'm looking at ways to duck out of the system all together. How else can my writing / film get out there.

The good news is my first pilot series has launched.

Check it out.


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