Monday, October 24, 2005

If Only You Had A Brain

This just in! Jason vs Freddy vs Michael Myers confirmed! (Yawn)...Well, this doesn't bother all that much. Sure it won't be horror, but at least it's not a remake. On the other hand, it also was semi-announced that Friday the 13th is being remade. Followed by the entire series. Why remake every Friday film? Oh, I remember-because we are so damn stupid we'll go see anything. I can't blame the studios anymore, as much as I like to. The Fog remake debuts at #1...and got torn apart from every angle prior to it's release-yet some numbskull doesn't like to watch people in outdated clothing, so he refuses to see the original. The stupidity in this country is just disgusting. I am so sick of writing original material, and seeing more and more remakes. It really is like a dagger to my gut. And I don't mean to say that everything I write is gold-I'm saying if it is, nobody would ever know. There needs to be some sort of farm system for unproduced writers. Maybe have it connected with schools. Or better yet, just make a school that serves as the minor leagues where the big boys can pick and choose from an allotment of new writers. Something has got to give.

I mean really, if this doesn't tell you Hollywood if stagnant, nothing will. How hard can it be to write a new Friday chapter? I mean, Jesus, throw some teens in the damn mountains this's still better than a remake. How about overseas? Jason in Japan? All you need are new settings. How about a prequel? But no, we want to remake an entire series of films...that seems much more logical.

And you idiots will go make each film number 1.


Tim Clague said...

I feel the same. That's why I'm always looking a new ways of storytelling. If the film business (in its current) is so flatline then let it get on with it. Tell storys another way. Lets be honest - at the moment Hollywood is a marketing town, not a movie making town.

Grubber said...

I wonder what will happen in Bollywood, as I read a few months ago that the returns are way down for their normal Bollywood films and they are looking at alternative movies to make.

What would happen if a few of the investors over there, took a chance on a few indie films in the US and had hits.

I think that would create an interesting situation.

JD said...

TC-I agree. I am just looking to start my own production company, and make my own films. I mean, why should I wait around for help from an establishment that at the moment has absoultely zero creativity?

Grubber- That would be interesting indeed. I think there may be a chance internationally in the near future, but how long will it last? Hollywood would eventually catch on and ruin everything. Hopefully by that point, a new boom in indie film will happen here, and maybe we could have it like it was in the late 80's to the mid 90's.

Moses said...

I hear you on this one. A farm system always seemed like a good idea to me and in the interests of the studios. Set up an apprenticeship program of some sort where unproduced writers can work alongside the pros, mold the talent stuff like that. Anway, something along those lines.

Grubber said...

Nah, just contact someone in Bollywood, wow them with stories of Blair Witch and Saw (they would have heard all about them, so that helps)and convince them they are smarter than the studio bosses and they will be at the forefront of a new beginning ;-)