Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Slay The Beast

Film is dead?

M. Night sounds like he's completely off his rocker. Makes me wonder if anyone even realizes why film is the preferred method for movies. It's out of habit, nothing more, nothing less. We've become accustomed to movies appearing one way. Once we break that connection, nobody will care, and film will die, albeit 30 years later than it should have.


Tim Clague said...

Sorry to be so average in my answer - but who cares? Film, maybe. Digital maybe. You choose as director. What other people are doing is up to them!

JD said...

I agree, except for the fact that film basically leaves low budget filmmakers in a huge bind since most of their budget will be related to film costs, yet if they were to shoot DV, the stigma of inferiority hurts their chances of gaining exposure. That's why I say film is dead-nobody wants to make $100,000 film in which $75,000 is alloted for film processing when you can do it for 1/4 the budget on dv/hd. For the big boys, it comes down to preference, but most low budget/independent filmmakers don't have the choice.

Sarthak said...

I absolutely agree with jd.In the end, its all about who's wallet is heavier.
Those with the gold have a choice, for the low budgeted, digital filmmaking is the best grind