Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Stinking Holidays!

Ah, a 70 degree Christmas and New Years! This is really the only positive aspect of Florida living. But I have to say bye bye. I'm moving in a few weeks, and couldn't be happier. I once again am shopping for cameras. This time, I actually have the money allotted, and in the bank, so I am becoming quite anal as to which camera I want. I'm pretty much looking at 4 cameras-3 of which are Panasonic-the DVX100A, DVX100b and the HVX200. Along with the Canon XL2, they all have what I want, but at 3 wildly different prices. The Hvx is the best of everything, but the price is at the very least $5,999. In a pipedream, I could acquire this, but I have to be realistic-it would break me. So that's out. I like the DVX picture better than the Canon,and the Canon is $2,000 more, so Canon is out. What's left? Two Panasonic models which are essentially the same camera, but the 100B has several new updates/upgrades. It's about $500 to $1000 more than the 100A. I'm leaning toward the DVX100A and an anamorphic lens adapter so I can shoot in true widescreen. That combo would be about the same amount as the DVX100b alone. So, there you have it.

I also reinstated my internet access. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

it is 75 here in Oklahoma and I hate it...I was born and raised in Canada so at this time of year I should not be in t-shirt, flipflops and shorts going out to get the paper..Happy New Year

JD said...

Yeah, I hear ya. It doesn't feel like the holidays very much. But I love the cool breeze FL gets during the winter months, and the 72 degree average. Do I miss the chill in the air on Christmas Eve? Definitely. Do I miss it during all of Dec., Jan and Feb? Hell no. Unfortunately, I'll be freezing my bum off in about a month when I move back home. My blood has thinned, and become accustomed to the heat, which makes it all the worse.

Eddie said...

Welcome back.