Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Waiting for the Sun is Done!

And thankfully, it seems to retain the humor I originally intended it to.  The problem is sometimes I begin a screenplay with this busting at the seams burst of idea energies, only to use my analytical skills to dampen it down.  This time, I went wild with my imagination, sketching out the possible path of scenes in outline form. I chose the best one and placed it into the script.  This worked for a few reasons, one being the outline helps me from aimlessly wandering around for 5 or 10 pages, and two, by doing this, it's almost like doing a partial rewrite on the fly.  And third, this allowed me to focus in on the humor of the situations within each scene, instead of the overall screenplay.

By doing this, I feel it's consistently funnier than anything I've written.  Sure, I had screenplays that were hysterical in spots, those spots I deemed needed to be so.  There were too many peaks and valleys. But with this one, I have definite peaks of humor, and the dips never bog down so far as to be unfunny.

Now to sit back and let it stew for a couple of weeks...then tear it up again.