Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shut. Up.

The production meeting went well...as well as I could expect when the room is full of long time friends. We discussed possible scheduling issues, the importance of continuity(a word which nobody could pronounce for some reason), contracts, releases, table reads, walk throughs, grooming and wardrobe.

Next meeting is going to be the 25th on location so the fools can see what they're in for.

One of the people at the meeting was being ...not so supportive. At least that's the feeling I got. I always get the same feeling with this person no matter what we're doing. It seems this person feels in competition with me, though I have no idea why. This person shall remain nameless until he/she cops up to being jealous, or I fire he/she.

Why volunteer for a movie if you don't want to support me? Who f'n knows?! //////////

The horror site I write reviews for has gone to blog format...which means it's not a website anymore. They say it's to get more exposure, I say that's horseshit. I applied for a reviewing job with another well known site that takes it's craft seriously. It's not a horror site, but it's cool nonetheless.//////////

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is hilarious. Catch it on FX whenever the hell it's on. I think Sundays, or Thursdays. I enjoy seeing the city on tv and recognizing all of the areas. It's a shame more films aren't made in Philly. The city should be right up there with Chicago, but I think more films come out of the windy city. That's how it appears anyway. I might shoot a scene or two there just for the fuck of it./////////

When did Mtv become this annoying? The Hills, My Sweet Sixteen, Yo Momma and Cribs. Better known as how to infuriate yourself if you're over 25 years old. We wonder what's wrong with the world, and there it is in full glory. Anyone who watches those shows is a masochist, and anyone who enjoys them thinks they're going to be in position to be 'famous' by telling mom jokes from 1985. No lie, I heard one guy tell the old 'Your momma is like 7 eleven, she's always open". Wha????? I told that joke. In, no exaggeration, 1980. The spectators are the worst, covering their mouth because they have to hold in their hyena like cackling.

How do I know all of this if it's so horrifying? My girlfriend watches some of the shows, and now it's like a goddamn car accident. I have to see how bad it can get. But still, I've only caught bits and pieces of a few of the shows, and it's enough to deem Mtv hell in a hand basket.


Dr. Criddle said...

You forgot "Next". You ever watch "Next"? Bleeeerrrrrghhhh

Sarthak said...

he he..continuity is one aspect of filmmaking that's the most painstakingly difficult to maintain.
Amazing that we have to do so many things artificially to make it look REAL on the silver screen.